Australia’s Choice I

39,190 ฿51,940 ฿

Plush Top & Eurotop. Non-flip.

Impression: Medium Firm

HEIGHT: 30cm / 12″

Mira-coil Innerpring System

  • For better overall body support.
  • Even weight distribution throughout.
  • Minimum partner disturbance.

Fresche Fabric

  • Eco antimicrobials textile – does not contain heavy metals, flammable or highly toxic substance.
  • Prevents odor caused from bacteria
  • Protects fabric from stains caused by mold or mildew
  • Greater durability
  • Anti Static
  • Hypoallergenic treatment derived from bio-based materials


  • Medium Foam comfort layer for cushioning effect.
  • A mixture between soft – medium – hard feel insulation foam layers for superior breathability while providing excellent spinal support and comfort.


  • High quality knitted Fresche fabric on top for a touch of comfort and extra microbials protection.

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  • We're SleepMaker® and we love making great beds, since 1934.

  • A good bed makes great sleep possible. This is what we make at SleepMaker. Lie on any of our mattresses and apart from a feeling of immediate comfort, you lie upon a history of over 80 years old.
  • If you happen to visit the home of an Australian today, take a peek at their bed. Chances are, you might just see us there greeting you.
  • Known as Miracoil in Australia and USA, SleepMaker uses the world's most advance spring system, engineered with back care as its first priority and is one of the top preferred choices in the industry.

Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

King 6ft, Queen 5ft, Super Single 3½ft, Single 3ft

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Mira-Coil ® 

Continuous innerspring system

Made up of continuous strands of specially formed wire, Mira-Coil provides the optimum in surface comfort, weight distribution, body conformity, and essential support. 

  • - Premium-quality imnersprings with a distinctive, continuous design.
  • - Consistent firmness, support characteristics, and overall mattress stability.
  • - Stress-relieved and durability-tested to hold  their shape and last longer.